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Childcare centres require flawless emergency evacuation plans.

Children need extra assistance to cope with an emergency, which makes detailed planning an absolute must. When dealing with young children, extensive consideration is required – after all, children are less able to follow directions, can be easily distracted and are less able to think independently. Here’s how to create a safe evacuation plan for your childcare centre:

Outline your procedures

Your emergency plan should include detailed instructions for staff and educators to follow in a range of different emergency situations. All policies and procedures must be clearly outlined, strictly enforced and regularly reviewed. Your plan must also detail the precise locations of fire equipment and safety meeting point. Just as crucial as it is to have an exceptional plan in place, your evacuation diagrams should also be highly visible.

Plan for all scenarios

Emergency planning is not a ‘one size fits all’ event. Emergencies differ from one-another in their risks and dangers. Where a fire may require immediate evacuation from a premise while a dangerous person onsite will prompt a lockdown. This is why it’s important to establish a different strategy for each sort of emergency.

Train your staff well

Training your staff should be one of your most important investments. Childcare staff must be trained and re-trained across a number of different emergency skills. They must also be competent in the operation of fire equipment, in first aid, as well as the specific policies and procedures of your childcare centre, so they’re confident to act in an emergency.

Put your plan to the test

Drills testing out your processes will really “drill” them in. Repetition is also a particularly effective tool for teaching children, who are more likely to follow orders, walk, not run and to stay calm when they’ve practiced an emergency. They’re also less likely to feel anxious, panicked and frightened should one occur.

Create evacuation diagrams

You will need excellent evacuation diagrams to guide your staff to safety should an emergency take place. AS3745 states that your diagrams must display the Floor Plan and Site Plan of the facility, its Emergency Assembly Area and its Emergency Evacuation Procedures. They must also show the nearest exit from the marked “You are here” point and the location of the nearest fire equipment.

Understand your legal obligations

Here in Australia, it’s the responsibility of the PCBU (Persons Conducting Business or Undertakings) to take care of all people in the facility should an emergency take place.

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